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Страницы контентаMatkatРазделы каталогаVenäjän MatkatОбъекты каталогаTalvimatka PietariinКомментарийTerry, UKОбщееПоле H1Re: Talvimatka PietariinСвойства комментарияСообщениеWe are now back at our home in Wales after travelling on from St Petersburg to Turkey for some (more) sunshine. i would like to say thank you for a very enjoyable experience in Russia. Everything went very smoothly from the moment we were met at the Airport. Natalia was splendid - she gave us a very well informed 3 days of cultural experience whilst being very companiable - we felt we were sharing St Petersburg with a friend! Please pass on our appreciation to her Thank you again for arranging the experience - i will certainly be recommending your services to friends and colleagues Very Best WishesДата публикацииTue, 24 Jun 2014 15:47:06 +0400АвторКонтактная информацияКонтактное лицоTerry,