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Страницы контентаMatkatРазделы каталогаVenäjän MatkatОбъекты каталогаSuuri Karjalan MatkaКомментарийKatherine (Kate)ОбщееПоле H1Re: Grand Karelia TourСвойства комментарияСообщениеThank you very much for arranging the Russian part of our trip. We were very impressed with your professionalism, and all the arrangements worked very well. Vladimir was a very good driver and Elena was an absolutely outstanding guide. She is extremely competent, has a lovely personality, her English is excellent and she was very knowledgable about the sites we visited. She was also very good company and the four of us got on well and had many memorable moments together, particularly dinner & vodka at Sortavala! Regarding the sites, the highlights for us were the visit to Kinerma (we have been involved in raising money to restore a traditional barn in our own small village (only 12 houses) so we could empathise with their efforts and problems), and of course the Solovetsky Islands. The train journey from Kem to Saint Petersburg was fine and I had a very memorable 70th birthday at Palkin Restaurant where we coincided with the BBC filming a programme in their series on rail journeys, so we will now appear on English TV later this year, they bought us champagne, and the restaurant staff made a special dessert with a large sparkler in the middle and sang happy birthday! So a great holiday. So once again thank you for all your help. Kind RegardsДата публикацииWed, 06 Aug 2014 18:20:51 +0400АвторКонтактная информацияКонтактное лицоKatherine (Kate)