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Страницы контентаMatkatРазделы каталогаVenäjän MatkatОбъекты каталогаRäätälöidyt PaketitКомментарийRosemary, United KingdomОбщееПоле H1Re: Tailor Made ToursСвойства комментарияСообщениеWe got home late yesterday evening and I am just writing to thank you for arranging such a wonderful trip for us. Your organisation and efficiency are amazing - all the drivers and guides turned up exactly on time and everything worked like clockwork! We were particularly impressed with the quality of the guides who were all extremely knowledgeable. You were right about the hotel in Suzdal by the way - it is a very special place - and Dimitri persuaded us to try a Russian banya whilst we were there. The sleeper to Novgorod was truly memorable and we're really pleased we decided to pay the extra for the de-luxe cabin - it was well worth it. Tailor made Tour to Moscow, Golden Ring, Novgorod and St. Petersburg.Дата публикацииThu, 24 Apr 2014 15:54:01 +0400АвторКонтактная информацияКонтактное лицоRosemary, United