Petrozavodsk is the capital of Karelia and the center of the industry, culture, and science of the Republic.

Petrozavodsk stands on the western shore of Lake Onego. Its length and width are 10 km and 2 km, respectively. There are about 266,000 inhabitants in the city.

In 1703 , the iron foundry and cannon factory were built on the shores of Lake Onego at the command of Peter the Great.

Around the factory the "Petrovskaya sloboda" (settlement of Peter) developed. The factory became famous because of the cannons and the art castings. In 1777, during the reign of Catherine the Great, the village was granted the status of a town and named Petrozavodsk.

The main street of the city is Lenin avenue. It goes from the railway station to the Onego Lake waterfront. There are many fountains, shops, bars and restaurants on Lenin avenue. If you turn right on Engelsa street you will find a historical center of the city - Lenin Square (formerly Circle Square, though Circle Square sounds funny in English).

It is amazing that there are many names of streets and squires left from the Soviet times in Petrozavodsk. The answer could be the calm and patient northern mentality that is not in a rush to change things. Furthermore, the local authorities say there is no need to change your history.

You will see historical buildings dating back to 1777 and a statue of Lenin at the square. The Lenin statue was erected in the 1930s and during the WW2 the local authorities had no time to evacuate the monument when Finnish troops were about to seize the city. But in fact, the Finns have practically nothing against this person because it was Lenin who gave them independence in 1918. And this statue survived through the occupation though became dilapidated.

Karl Marks avenue is another Petrozavodsk street with the name remained from the Soviet times. Yet, one of the first names of the street was English Perspective. The reason for the name was that when Catherine The Great came in, she invited a lot of international engineers and experts to work for Alexander's cannon foundry (former Peter's factory). Mostly, the engineers and experts would come from Great Britain and live on this very street. This is why it was named as English Perspective. The street has shops on one side and a park on the other.
Going further you will enter Kirov Square with its four theatres. Passing Kirov Square and down Karl Marks Ave you will approach the Onego Lake waterfront area.

Walk along the Onego Lake waterfront. You will be welcomed by bronze Peter the Great at the coast. The founder of Petrozavodsk is in full-dress uniform with his sword. His right hand points at the mouth of the Lososinka River (Salmon River) where in 1703 a gun foundry and the settlement were founded. Authentically, the statue was unveiled on Circle Square but after the October Revolution, to be exact in the 1930s, it was substituted with Lenin's monument.

Petrozavodsk has a number of sister cities, and you can find uncommon architectural installations, presented by them, at the Petrozavodsk waterfront. There are sights from Duluth (USA), Varkaus (Finland), Umea (Sweden), Mo I Rana (Norway), Neubrandenburg and Tubingen (Germany), La Rochelle (France).

Grand Karelia Tour

Grand Karelia Tour

6 days / 5 nights

A comprehensive tour of Karelia, including the Solovetsky Islands

  • Visit churches at Kizhi, Valaam and on the Solovetsky islands
  • Take a walk in Ruskeala marble canyon and Kivach Reserve
  • Learn about the White Sea - Baltic Canal
  • Taste local food in the historical village of Kinerma

Day Tour to Petrozavodsk and Kizhi

Day Tour to Petrozavodsk and Kizhi

Full Day

Short and easy trip to Karelia

  • Includes guided tours in Petrozavodsk and at Kizhi
  • Good train connection with Moscow and St. Petersburg
  • We meet you at the train station
  • Available from late May till October

Kizhi Necklace

Kizhi Necklace

2 Days / 1 Night

Every corner of Kizhi Island is covered on this trip

  • Visit the UNESCO-listed Kizhi Pogost
  • Explore the central and northern parts of the island
  • Experience Russian banya or go fishing
  • Stay in a guesthouse and taste traditional food

Murmansk and Karelia Tour

Murmansk and Karelia Tour

5 Days / 4 Nights

Culture and Adventure Holiday in the Northern Russia

  • Explore the city of Murmansk
  • Take part in reindeer and dog-sledding
  • Chase the Northern Lights
  • Visit Kizhi Island by a hovercraft

Tailor Made Tours

Tailor Made Tours

On Request

Feel free to request a tailor made tour to Russia

  • Explore Russia from West to East and from North to South
  • Culture, adventure and nature holidays
  • Flexibility
  • Expert advice

1. Transfers from Helsinki to Petrozavodsk and from Petrozavodsk to Helsinki.

We arrange transfers from Helsinki to Petrozavodsk by a private taxi (car or minibus).
Cross-border station: Vjartsilja.
Travel time is usually about 12-14 hours. Travel time depends on how big the line at the border is.
Our driver will pick you up at your address at your desired time.

Price: 310 EUR per car one way.

2. Transfers from Joensuu to Petrozavodsk and from Petrozavodsk to Joensuu.

We arrange transfers between Joensuu and Petrozavodsk by a private taxi (car or minibus).
Cross-border station: Vjartsilja.
Travel time is usually about 6-7 hours. Travel time depends on how big the line at the border is.
Our driver will pick you up at your address at your desired time.

Price: 240 EUR per car one way.

3. Transfers from St. Petersburg to Petrozavodsk and from Petrozavodsk to St. Petersburg.

Saint Petersburg is located in about 450 km from Petrozavodsk, travel time between the cities is about 6 hours.

Price: Available upon Request.

4. Petrozavodsk airport and train station transfers.

International and domestic flights to Petrozavodsk arrive in Petrozavodsk airport (PES). It is a military airport, part of which is used for passenger flights. The airport is also called "Besovets" by the name of a settlement nearby, where Petrozavodsk citizens have their dachas (summer cottages). The distance between the airport and the city is about 25 km.

Petrozavodsk railway station is situated in the center of the city, and it is possible to use public transport to get to the hotel. We arrange meeting and transfer by car or bus.

Transfer airport - hotel or vice versa: 35 EUR per car one way.
Transfer train station - hotel or vice versa: 20 EUR per car one way.

In order to book a transfer to/from Petrozavodsk, please feel free to send us a Request.

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