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  • We got home late yesterday evening and I am just writing to thank you for arranging such a wonderful trip for us. Your organisation and efficiency are amazing - all the drivers and guides turned up exactly on time and everything worked like clockwork! We were particularly impressed with the quality of the guides who were all extremely knowledgeable. You were right about the hotel in Suzdal by the way - it is a very special place - and Dimitri persuaded us to try a Russian banya whilst we were there. The sleeper to Novgorod was truly memorable and we're really pleased we decided to pay the extra for the de-luxe cabin - it was well worth it.
  • Thank you once again for a truly fabulous tour. I look forward to others. Most sincerely,
  • Thank you for the professionally and courteous services through out the entire trip. I'm back home in Thailand safe and sound.
  • Just wanted to thank you for your service. It was superb, and sweet Olga was a fantastic guide yesterday. We thoroughly enjoyed our day trip. I will mention you and Olga on TripAdvisor when we return home. Thanks again,
  • The guides spoke good English and we could understand what they were saying. They also showed us what we could do during our free time around the town. I would like to add that Marina and Dmitry were very helpful and hospitable during our Golden Ring and Moscow tour.
  • My family and I are now home, but I did not want to delay in saying thank you. The Kronstadt tour was well-planned, informative, and especially interesting. I will keep your email address for the future and share it with others who may be interested.
    • Paul, USA
    • Excursion to Kronstadt
  • Everything was running well, it was well organised. Hotel was also very good and friendly personnel. We can recommend. Thank to you.
  • Poezka po Karelii nam ochen ponravilas'! Vsyo otlichno organizovano, i ekskursovod v Petrozavodske i voditel' masjiny (Petrozavodsk-Sortavala) simpatichny, gostinitsa normal'na.
  • Dear Sir, I want to thank you for the excellent planning of our trip. There was not the slightest mistake. My son and I got marvellous impressions of russia, with would not be possible without the help of your bureau and Tatjana. I will recommend your office. Yours sincerely,
  • Большое спасибо за организацию нашего путешествия! Все было просто на высшем уровне: нас встречали и провожали без задержек, в "Причале" и на приезде и на отъезде реагировали так, как будто только о нас и думали все время. Все очень отработано и к тому же дружелюбно. И гостиница "Приют" на Соловках нам понравилась: недостаток комфорта (у нас были удобства на 2 номера) и отсутствие постоянного кафе при гостинице (это неудобно, если останавливаться с ребенком, как я) вполне компенсировалось очень гостеприимным отношением и отзывчивым персоналом, который старался помочь всеми доступными им средствами. Еще раз большое спасибо. С удовольствием буду рекомендовать Ваше агентство своим друзьям.
  • ... YAMAL is a smashing ship--powerful, comfortable, and sea worthy. The Captain and his crew, too, were very determined, careful, and considerate. We hit a wall of ice unbelievably thick and attacked it 6 times to cut a path to the North Pole. I loved this action plus the sound of the ship's bow breaking the sea ice to open a path for progress. When we stopped to observe the polar bears, there was utter silence--a time when you know how awesome the earth is at that latitude. I felt like I was at the top of the world! I especially enjoyed the tour of the operation of the nuclear powered engine, room; meeting the Captain on a small group basis and having champagne or wine (the ship's photographer Gordon, from the States, will send me a photo of this occasion as well as us dancing in a circle at the North Pole). I SPOTTED 10 POLAR BEARS; one of which came right to the ship's bow so I think I have a fairly good photo of him even though I am not a photographer. PAV treated the crew and staff well. Overall, PAV, especially Max did a superb job as well as Oleg. They are in demand to serve pesty people from the moment they awake till the time they hit the bed. I learned a little Russian folk dancing with the crew and staff including Lena, our room steward. They were all so much fun the night of the BBQ on the deck. They all worked very hard so I hope that my tip gives them a boost...